“aadhar’s Heritage festival I consider as a an attempt to preserve our past and make future better with lost knowledge, by making it available in form of films and preserving them, making a data bank in this computer age. So this can be an inspiration for generation to come. Kudos to “aadhar’s team.”

Hridaynath Gharekhan, a film maker based in Ahmedabad has been producing and directing films for the last twenty years. A man of many achievements, he has won a national award in 1988, And his film ‘Talking Peace’ on the history of hostile relations between India and Pakistan was screened at the World Peace Conference, Montreal, Canada in September 1999. Three of his films were selected in IDPA film festivals – ‘The Catch in 2005, ‘The King of Deserts’ in 2008 and ‘Window to Gujarat’ in 2010. Hridaynath Ghanekar still continues to capture and allure the audience with his genius and the numbers on his 20 serials, 4 Hindi films and 172 documentaries continue to increase and stack on one another.