Intern speaks

I have worked with Aadhar as a volunteer and did secondary research on the folk painting styles of India in the year 2012. During that time, I was a fresh graduate from IICD and looking for projects. It was a good learning opportunity for me.

I enjoyed diving inside the folk painting culture of each region. Me and Avani, we also worked on some puzzles and contest to educate the audience about the lesser known folk painting.

Aadhar has been playing a very important role in educating people about the craft culture of India through its various programs like Heritage Film Festival, Hand Spinning Workshops, Museums of Ahmedabad and more. Among all the projects, I guess the Charkha project is the biggest. So many people across the country learn to spin which is very much like a meditation and it is acting like a progressing revolution in the country to connect with the roots.

Avani has faced lots of challenges to make each of her initiative a success but with patience and resilience she kept moving. More power to her and team to take Aadhar to a bigger audience.

Khushbu Mathur – Founder Bowstring

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