At aadhar we are very selective about doing extensive and in-depth research on traditional art, craft, and skill that are dwindling. We believe that to make a real difference, to survive and revive a heritage art one needs to first understand the existing situation of artisans, makers, materials and processes etc.

Moti means Beads and Bharat is embroidery; Moti Bharat is a Gujarati term that literally translates as Bead Embroidery is a very distinct craft of Gujarat in India. This skill was mainly practiced in Saurashtra region of Gujarat by women. Beads are threaded together with needle and thread manually to create different objects of utility, rituals and home decor. Traditionally it is done by women and girls to prepare products and is an expressive art form. While these days it has become one of the income generation skills for commercial purposes. The Beadwork of Gujarat is a craft form that requires accurate skill and patience due to the slow process of making. This is a craft that the maker is unable to practice for more than 10 years as it is straining to the eyes.

At aadhar we are researching and documenting Traditional Beadwork of Gujarat. The resource is expected to be shared with the public through Heritage Archive.

Our observation is that the skill of beadwork has been promoted by many social organisations while the traditional identity of the craft that is unique of Gujarat is somehow not kept in mind while training and product development.

We have done study of history, raw material, techniques, traditional products and motifs, and the significance of traditional colours used in Beadwork. Along with the documentation we have imparted training of Beadwork to young girls in Gujarat.

The project is ongoing and the team is diligently working to create a rich resource of traditional motifs and information of traditional Beadwork of Gujarat for people to receive updated information as well as inspiration to create contemporary products maintaining the traditional visual identity of this age old craft.