The Heritage Archive (HA) is the initiative that is part of the archival and knowledge sharing / promotional objectives of aadhar.

THE HERITAGE ARCHIVE – (Project launch -1 Jan 2013)

The general purpose of the Heritage Archive (HA) is to invite, collect, archive films on various aspects and themes of Indian heritage. The HA compiles visual, audio and physical resources related to different subjects of heritage and makes it publicly available.

– The project is initiated to celebrate various heritage aspects and themes through audio-visual / film medium.
– We aim to collect and archive films (feature film, short film, documentary film, animation film) on various subjects of Indian heritage.
– The data is to be complied and listed on the HA.
– Contact details of concerned individuals / organisations (of these films) along with the film data will be put in the database so that interested individuals / organisations can reach them directly, thereby fostering a sense of community and mutual interaction.
– HA to screen the films at various programs, share the archived resources for public awareness and use.


  • Mobilize resources to sustain hand-spinning
  • Research and documentation on hand-spinning practices, tools & equipment, existing


  • Archive resource access to members.

The Heritage Film Festival

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