Chalo Charkho Ramiye is a Contemporary Charkha Movement started by Avani Varia on 2 October 2013 from Ahmedabad (UNESCO World Heritage City of India). In this movement, efforts are being done to help people gain knowledge about Charkha, understand Charkha and accept it and to learn its operation; with the focus is revival of handspinning in India.

Different programs are organised to showcase and teach handspinning using traditional tools like Takli, Charkha. We started from Ahmedabad and till now we have reached many stated of India i.e. Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh. Online workshops and programs are conducted since the year 2019. Charkha Mandals are initiated in various organisations; Charkha Sainik’s are trained through different programmes to revive handspinning.

If everyone in the world spun an hour a day there would be no more war.

Peace means not about ‘no war’. It is to have peace in every person’s mind. Peace is a by-product of constructive work done by everyone with positive attitude and calm mind.

Efforts are made to connect organisations; they are encouraged to continue and develop their work, to enable the supply of required tools and materials for handspinning. Efforts are made to unite hand-spinning artisans with members of society to get regular work for the former through ‘YARN MAKERS GUILD INDIA’

“aadhar is promoting partner besides offering monetary support to various activities of this program”


  • Mobilise resources to sustain hand-spinning.
  • Research and documentation; about hand-spinning practices, tools & equipment, existing hand-spinners, economy of hand-spinning etc.
  • Events: public awareness, retreats, first-hand experience, workshops, trainings etc.
  • Formal trainings: Certificate courses of hand-spinning.
  • Facilitate starting and managing Charkha Mandals.
  • Research based experimentation to generate sustainable employment through hand-spinning.
  • Design and execute educational material related to the subject.
  • Linkages towards pre-processes as well as post-processes for sustainable revival of hand-spinning.


  • Learning resources for hand-spinning with traditional tools.
  • Book about ‘Handspinning and Box Charkha’
  • Lecture-demonstrations, workshops & training (online and in-person)
  • Supply tools, equipment and materials related to the subject.
  • Yarn bank & Khaddar products
  • Consultation to start a CHARKHA FACILITY


Products related to the program

Takli kit

Book – handspinning & box charkha

Cotton puni

Box charkha

KHADDAR – 100% handmade fabric

Khaddar Scarfs