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Coming from the poorest county and neglected community of Gujarat, yet in particular it’s a tourist hub. So it’s kind of lot of interesting kind of contradictory elements (rural inequality). What I have taken from it is how important it is to reach out to your community to give what you can and to do everything possible to support the people and their surroundings.

Have found that getting involved in something you care about in any way you can, whether you are able to get involved in a big way or in a small way or just volunteer some time. It’s fulfilling and amazing to think that you can be a part of building a future.

Avani is really fascinating individual she took a mission to do something for our community (The Potters of Panchmahal) I too started dreaming through her eyes and prioritising to find ways to help her in her mission.

It’s really interesting and inspiring to see Avani’s dream finding ways little by little work towards the goal, that’s definitely something I’ve taken to heart. You (Avani) know its baby steps but yes there has been some progress, you’re such dedicated and hard worker. You’re on adventure that’s unique to you, although we’re alongside you; your journey is your very own. Whatever your motivation But it’s not easy.

Our journey is not always a linear path perhaps we have to recognise a combination of the joys and challenges we’re exposed to.

Pallavi Varia – Artist & Maker (Founder Trustee of aadhar)

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