We all love to visit museums and gain knowledge about history, culture, arts, and many other things. Museums, however, are often not designed to accommodate everyone. Access to a museum for people with special needs is still a worrying subject in India. To break such barriers and push for inclusion of all, museums of Ahmedabad are actively working to organise facilitation programmes. This programme is designed especially for the creative souls of the Differently Abled Designers organisation, curated by Avani Varia at the Vechaar Utensils Museum. The participants will discuss the processes of making utensils, their traditional uses,and the health benefits of indigenous objects of daily use. Vechaar Utensils Museum has an extensive utensil collection on display. The objects are made from a range of materials such as gourd, wood, different metals, clay, ceramic, glass, etc. The evening will conclude with a drawing session for the creative participants. We look forward to display their creative work for public viewing in the future.