Today the world is working at many levels to find solutions to the monstrous threat to the globe—Plastic. With her focus on ‘The Exposure, Experience and Acceptance theory’, Ms Avani Varia has curated ‘Plastic and We – a love hate relationship’ at KHOJ. One of the current sections at KHOJ is ‘Plastic Play’, an exhibit which aims to understand and educate others about the manmade material called ‘plastic’. It showcases various processes and provides information on plastic as a material, its chemical properties, the process of making plastic products, types of plastics, waste generation and segregation through hands-on activities, interactive displays and experiments! Our dependency on plastic needs to be redefined, and this exhibit focuses on waste recycling and sustainability. In this walk, the children will be able to absorb this information, have a hands-on experience with plastic and learn how to upcycle waste plastic objects. This walk aims to provide an experience which will spread awareness and, in the long run, hopefully induce lifestyle changes among the children and their families for a sustainable future. This guided tour is specially curated for a group of select kids from nearby urban slums.