INVITATION to PARTICIPATE (OPEN to ALL, by registration only)

DesignThinkersGroup India has put together a workshop to work around this challenge. The same will be organised in association with Gujarat Technological University, Indo Australia Design Research Alliance, Museums of Ahmedabad and AMC-Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. Mark Watson from DesignThinkersGroup Australia would be leading this workshop and comes with experience working at the intersection of Product Design, Service Design, Design Thinking and Design Management. The workshop will enable participants to use Design Thinking Methods to come up with innovative solutions keeping their primary customers in focus, design prototypes and finally present to some key people working in Government Organisations, Industry and Academia. Not only is this a good opportunity to experiment with Design and Design methods, we feel this workshop would also encourage entrepreneurship and help solve some pressing issues at hand in our city. You may contact us at +91 9408781522 for further information. And Connect with Aditi for registration. Look forward for your participation to make heritage inclusive in Ahmedabad’s smart development!