harkha bespoke program – a morning filled with was fun for specially invited friends at Kharif Farm Date 20 February 2022 ‘Hands on experience of handspinning’ CHARKHA CORPORATE PROGRAM by @charkhaindia In the time where we all are so distracted with loads of gadgets and information there is a need to slow down and also to be with your own self. The Charkha practise offers positive results and to our surprise since the starting people from all ages and walks of life have embraced it wholeheartedly. Keep Calm, Keep Spinning ‘Learn & Practice Handspinning’ Checkout all what we offer: · Demonstration & first-hand experience · Formal training with certificate · Corporate Charkha Program · Yarn Makers Guild India · Facilitate with tools, materials and literature related to the subject. Learn HANDSPINNING – Box CHARKHA (Portable Indian spinning wheel) & Takli (drop spindle) with Avani Varia (Online & In-person) If everyone in the world spun an hour a day there would be no more war. Peace means not about ‘no war’. It is to have peace in every person’s mind. Peace is a by-product of constructive work done by everyone with a positive attitude and calm mind. Spinning with Charkha / Takli is therapeutic for mind & body; you also produce yarn.