aadhar team is glad to announce the collaboration of The Heritage Film Festival project with Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID). We are screening selected films from the HFF collection at Shilp Katha 2016. The two day annual Craft Sustenance initiative “Shilp katha” has the institutional objective of conserving and bringing about a product diversification of heritage Indian crafts.

Shilp Katha is not just an event by SID, it is also a mélange of the culmination of the crafts studied by the students. Shilp Katha is a tradition that we have been following since the year 2008; this is an exploration of a single distinctive idea that began with the solitary purpose of craft documentation. The event this year pans our journey throughout the country in the form of an exhibition along with the crafts mela and demonstration of crafts by the experts who hold this heritage and also an extravaganza of the cultural eve. The Craftsmen’s who helped us get acquainted to the marvels of our country have been specially invited for the event to not just exhibit their products but also demonstrate and brief us all about the nuances of these crafts.

In order to preserve India’s finest cultural legacies, aadhar initiated The Heritage Film Festival to explore India’s glorious heritage through audiovisual media. The Heritage Film Festival is a project by aadhar to spread awareness and educate public about India’s heritage through films. After a huge success in Ahmedabad, the Festival is traveling with films to reach different audiences to promote India’s Heritage. Heritage Films Travel with collaborations.

The Heritage Film Festival is not just an EVENT… but a CAUSE with the aim to REVIVE the dying traditional art forms,

it is a Movement to embellish & enrich the Rich Heritage of India…!