aadhar takes pleasure to announce collaboration of “The Heritage Film Festival” project with “Garvi-Gurjari National Craft Fair & Summit 2014”.

The Heritage Film Festival showcased as ‘CRAFT FILM FESTIVAL’ was part of the Garvi-Gurjari National Craft Fair & Summit 2014, from 21st to 27th February 2014, in Ahmedabad.

In order to preserve India’s finest cultural legacies, aadhar initiated The Heritage Film Festival to explore India’s glorious heritage through audiovisual media. The Heritage Film Festival is a project by aadhar to spread awareness and educate public about India’s heritage through films. After a huge success in Ahmedabad, the Festival is traveling with films to reach different audiences to promote India’s Heritage. Heritage Films Travel with collaborations.

The Heritage Film Festival is not just an EVENT… but a CAUSE with the aim to REVIVE the dying traditional art forms,

it is a Movement to embellish & enrich the Rich Heritage of India…!