We CHALO CHARKHO RAMIYE #CharkhaIndia aVni are glad to be part of the Local Conference of Youth – 15 India 2019 Youth for Climate Change – LCOY 15 (India) (Local Conference of Youth). About ‘CHARKHA INDIA’ by Avani Varia Discover, Understand, & Accept creative art of hand-spinning & the spinning wheel “CHARKHO” Chalo Charkho Ramiye is one of the activities of the project ‘Tantu se Sutra’, means Fibre to Yarn, is a CAUSE for “Revival of Hand-spinning” in India. http://avnivaria.com/projects/chalo-charkho-ramiye/ https://www.instagram.com/charkhaindia/ https://www.facebook.com/chalocharkhoramiye/