“CHARKHA for PEACE with Avani Varia” at Karnavati Club Lawn. CHALO CHARKHO RAMIYE team is excited to join hands with farmseIndia, GreenEcoBazaar, & JITO Ladies and women empowerment committee of karnavati Club TO ORGANISE CHARKHA DISPLAY & DEMONSTRATION on 19th December 2021 at Karnavati Club Lawns!! Supported by aadhar charitable trust @aadharindia PUBLIC EVENT – OPEN TO ALL* If everyone in the world spun an hour a day there would be no more war. Peace means not about ‘no war’. It is to have peace in every person’s mind. Peace is a by-product of constructive work done by everyone with a positive attitude and calm mind. Spinning with Charkha / Takli is therapeutic for mind & body; you also produce yarn. “Keep Calm, Keep Spinning” For collaboration & partnership – www.avnivaria.com | +91 9408781522