‘A Homage to Swadeshi’ Celebrating Charkha, DISPLAY of HANDSPINNING with TRADITIONAL TOOLS & products. On occasion of Mahtama Gandhi Nirvan Din…. If everyone in the world spun an hour a day there would be no more war. Peace means not about ‘no war’. It is to have peace in every person’s mind. Peace is a by-product of constructive work done by everyone with a positive attitude and calm mind. KHOJ with aadhar is happy to display a Personal collection of Hand spinning Traditional Tools & products, by Avani Varia The display is of traditional hand spinning tools (Takli & Charkha), natural fibres, yarn handspun using Indian Takli (spindle) & Charkha, textile samples made using the handspun yarn, tools for cleaning cotton, carding and making sliver (Puni). Along with this the Books on Charkha and Takli Kit are on display.