We recognise the value of collaborations & partnership. We welcome individuals and organisations who are keen to extend their hand towards the listed objectives of aadhar.

Partnership and collaboration are envisioned for creating a strong and better community. In addition together we can make a difference by providing stability (financial and non-financial) towards achieving our shared goals.

Together let us make the world a better place for the artists and crafts communities of India.

Everyone can contribute with their own capacity and involvement…

  • Friends of aadhar (volunteer your time / skills / knowledge)
  • Sponsor / Fund
  • Spread a word – promote aadhar and its projects through your network
All monetary donations are eligible for tax exemption under Section 80G.

Managing partner



Enabling young people with aptitude to become development catalysts by providing them firsthand experience through programs related to Indian Heritage.

aadhar provides an exciting and enriching opportunity for students to work for heritage arts of India via internships / projects in their respective area of expertise / interest.

In the last two decades many volunteers and interns became part of our team and contributed to the respective programs as well as learnt from the experiences through the professional mentor’s guidance.