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More than 400 documentaries on different aspects of India’s Art, Heritage and Crafts.

Collaborations, our core strength

Barter system was fundamental forte in India. Exchange of goods and services were

Traditional Pottery & sustainability

Sustaining ingenious art forms and India’s sustainable craft practices is important; pottery is one such traditional skill to concentrated on

aadhar is a charitable trust whose mission is to develop programs and opportunities that support traditional artisans and craftspeople, in an effort to sustain their livelihood, and contribute to the revitalisation of the collective cultural heritage of India.

aadhar acts as a collaborator and facilitator among artisan communities, individuals, public and private organisations.

Our story

aadhar is established in the year 2002 with its operational based from Ahmedabad, and we work across India. To raise awareness of Indian arts & culture we collaborate and organise programs internationally.

We are committed to Revitalise Arts and Crafts of India.

We organise various activities in the fields of heritage art and crafts for the good of the general public, with a specific mission dedicated to enhancing the inherent enterprising ability of traditional craftspeople and their families. We work to harness the unique skill-sets possessed by the artists / craftspeople and helps them develop professionalism while keeping their adherence to the purity of craft and skill intact.

aadhar spreads awareness and sensitivity about the current situation of the Indian art and craft sector, the organisation also educates the craftspeople to be their own brand ambassadors as creative and intelligent working professionals.

All our efforts are towards revitalising the collective cultural heritage of India; create programs & opportunities that support Indian makers, support traditional artisans and craftspeople with clarity to preserve indigenous identity of traditional arts.

With the above focus we design and execute programs and initiatives individually and in collaboration incorporating awareness, education and tourism to work hand-in-hand to keep the local spirit in place.

Key Objectives:

  • Research, documentation, archival activities.
  • Develop awareness programs.
  • Maintain indigenous identity of the traditional arts.
  • Encourage professionalism among the traditional artisan communities.
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Research is essential to get correct information of the subject which one wants to work to make a constructive transformation for.

Since the inception of aadhar there is our clear understanding that before starting any work towards doing well or create positive impact in art, crafts, cultural heritage segment; it is important to know the existing situation and understand the possibilities and limitations to enable appropriate planning of any initiative. And at regular intervals there is need to update our record with ongoing research.

Research becomes essential to find out what possibly will work better for art & crafts communities. It plays an important role in discovering new opportunities and challenges that can be used in existing programs in the best possible ways.

Research also enables to generate resources not just for aadhar but for others who are working in the subject area.


Documentation along with the research is essential as it enables the completed work to reach to the interested and/or targeted audiences (individuals & organisations).

Documentation is the process that facilitates to make shareable information of the data that was collected in research; Sharing is one of the most important aspects of aadhar’s area of work via different modes. Proper documentation helps to organise the notes, photographs, audio-visuals and other type of data, it also adds validity to your work, gives credit to others in your field, and makes it easier to share your research with others. To help to make the research data shareable and Communicates transparency, trust, and integrity and helps you to avoid plagiarism.


Promotion in its broader meaning to us is to share the information, and also inspire, educate and encourage people to utilise the information for contributing towards revival of India’s Heritage Arts.

There are few main objectives for promotion that our core team believes in; inform people, increase local demand, differentiate the significance of Indian art and heritage products / services, keep encouraging children and youth to adapt with sustainable lifestyle and increase use of traditional products into contemporary lifestyle. On the other side encourage artisan and crafts communities to value their heritage knowledge, skills and adapt to create professional approach keeping the local essence unharmed.

Our aims to educate people with correct as well as updated information about the existing situation Heritage Arts and Crafts via different methods. Public & bespoke private events, workshops, exhibitions, film festivals, podcasts, community radio and video channels, library and creating platforms through which the information can be accessed by anyone. For us it is important to create programs that will make long-term and lifelong impact than just focusing on a small time or groups for which ongoing promotional activities are designed and implemented.